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Tangible Results  
Why Tangible Results?

Most companies advertise measurable results. We think that’s selling you short. We're sure you see in your business that having the ability to measure activity and sales results is a necessity, and to us... it's a given. We use the term “Tangible Results” because they are results that you not only see, but you experience. Increasing sales activities, consistent selling practices and closed deals make the team more confident, and give you measurable results, but also produce a more cohesive team, and a momentum that builds in your group.

The Challenge

The challenge is great: there are important things to measure that have been traditionally difficult, such as sales productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and awareness, and brand related marketing activities. Simplifying and accelerating the selling process are things that are tangible and may not be immediately measurable because there had been no base level to measure against.

The Workplace
Our High Performance Workplace Platform and set of marketing and sales automation tools will allow you to capture and measure these sales related activities, determine campaign effectiveness, and allow for sales rep accountability as well as the managing, reporting, measuring, and monitoring your customers' level of interest and engagement. We use our Prospect Montage to monitor activity and engage the most valuable resources available at the time the customer is most interested. We can set parameters and thresholds to determine a particular visitor's level of interest and provide the tools for that expert to instantly engage that customer, then funnel the activity directly to our LeadTrakk Product, genuinely "closing the loop" in closed-loop marketing.
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